Tag ’em Tournaments is happy to provide a discounted tournament fee to teams if the fee is paid in full, thirty (30) days prior to tournament date or earlier by check or cash.  Teams choosing to pay by credit card or registering thirty (30) days prior to tournament date or later, the fee will be slightly higher.


Our tournaments are happy to host the following divisions:

46/60 DIVISIONS:  8U, 9U &10U (lowest fees for 3 games in the area)
50/70 DIVISIONS: 11U & 12U
60/90 DIVISIONS: 13U thru 18U


Prior to the tournament beginning, you will receive an email containing all the information that is required from the team all of which are requirements to participate in any Tag ’em Tournament. 


Items include, but are not limited to:

  • Online Roster to be inputted through link provided by Tag ’em Tournaments which must include all coaches/players dates of birth and parent’s valid email address
  • Required Registration Waiver form which will be generated and emailed to parents when players are inputted onto the team roster 
  • Insurance Certificate with "Tag ’em Tournaments" listed as additionally insured.  **Please let us know if your current league organization will not issue a COI for your team, as our event insurance covers you for all Tag 'em events and we do not require your COI.