What Tag 'em Tournaments Can Do For You.....



We would like to announce our fundraising services for your organiation to run a Tag ‘em Tournament at your facility. We can work with you to earn money for your organization, so contact us soon to secure your 2017 or 2018 tournament date!

Are you tired of the lack of fundraising your League accomplishes in a season?

Is the yearly cost of baseball or softball too high?

Are your league’s board members tired of putting in such time-consuming efforts to raise money?

Look no further for your fundraising solution!




Tag ’em Tournaments has a unique opportunity for your league or team. Allow us to host a youth tournaments at your facility. We offer you our well-organized and experienced services, while you are only responsible for just 3 simple things:

1. Provide the fields for the tournament
2. Maintaining the fields throughout the event
3. Earn a great deal of money for your league/team

Tag ’em Tournaments takes care of the rest! There is minimal work required from your board members or volunteers. We will organize and promote the tournament, recruit teams to play, create and maintain game schedules and rules, and schedule umpires for each and every game. Tournament Directors will be present throughout the tournament at your facility to enforce rules, update scores and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Your league’s total fundraising dollars depends on the amount of fields that can be used for tournament games. The more fields available equals more teams, which means more fundraising opportunities!

Tag ’em Tournaments will provide your league with a percentage of the net proceeds (after expenses i.e. umpires, baseballs, insurance, trophies, etc). Tag ‘em Tournaments will retain a percentage for their administration fee.

Your league/team cannot lose money in any way. Of course, the weather must cooperate in order to have a successful tournament.

For a detailed break down of potential revenue and expenses, please refer to the "Contact Us" tab above.